Night Club Karaoke  DJ Service (KJ)


Since 1996 we have offered some of the best karaoke entertainment in Ventura County.  We have performed at different bars, night clubs and private events from Santa Barbara to the San Fernando Valley.


Our service is second to none.  We use different techniques to ensure client participation from singers and non-singers alike.  We don't get into details on our web page because... 

Our Setup

Our Audo Setup is often the envy of other Karaoke services.  We run a very efficient audio system that works well in different sized locations.  Our setup for most night clubs includes:

  • control center (DJ mixer, computer, etc),
  • singer's video monitor,
  • singer's audio Monitor
  • Two Speakers for Audience
  • 4 Wireless Microphones
  • Coming soon: Wireless request system with ability to request songs directly from patron's cell phones
  • Coming soon: Wireless Video connection to remote/house TV's


We recommend you offer us the ability to plug into a house TV (preferrably a large flat panel TV with HDMI connection).  This will increase the patron's involvement and improve participation